The students of the Hitotsubashi Universities of Tokyo and Chung Ang University of Seoul, participants in the 14th edition of the Bergé y Compañía International Talent Program, have returned home after five intense weeks in Spain where they have had the opportunity to work in different departments of the company and its divisions, as well as enjoy a full program of cultural activities.

The twelve participating students, six from the Japanese university and six from the Korean university, arrived in Madrid at the end of January.

After landing in our country for the first weekend and a presentation ceremony, the students went on to occupy positions in group companies, within the departments that correspond to the studies they are studying.

In parallel, trips are organized to different Spanish cities, such as Toledo, Burgos and La Rioja. These visits allowed them to learn in detail the origins of the company and, of course, delve into Spanish history and culture, as well as enjoy its varied gastronomy.

On the last day of the program, the diploma award ceremony was held, which was attended, in addition to the students, by their mentors, key members of the program and those who, thanks to their selfless collaboration, provide knowledge about their respective professional areas to the young students.

The International Talent Program was born to strengthen the ties between Japan, Korea and Spain, offering a unique and very enriching experience that will surely be unforgettable for the dozen participants, as well as for the people who have been involved in their organization.

In the section of the website entitled “multimedia” you can see some photos of the program.