Last week we were visited by Yohei Michishita and Momoka Endo, both participants in the 8th Bergé International Talent Programme though Hitotsubashi University in Japan.

Yohei, a Social Sciences student, is currently studying at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.   Next year he will begin working at the Japanese business group Mitsui.

During his stay at Bergé he was an intern with the Marketing Department of Infiniti Spain.

Momoka, a Business Studies student, is currently on a university exchange programme at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in Belgium.   When she completes her studies at the University she will have a year left to finish her degree in Japan.

Momoka did her internship at the Operations Department of Bergé Shipping while she was participating in the programme.

It has been a pleasure to meet Momoka and Yohei again.